Chapter 1462 Ultra-Grade Battle



The earth quaked and the rivers rumbled.

The hair of the silver behemoth turned golden as it grew even larger than before.

The body of an elephant, the head of a lion, golden hair, and sharp claws. The golden beast’s legs were four meters thick after the transformation. Its entire body radiated divine radiance. It was now able to step on empty air and charged toward Greem like a living mountain.

Meanwhile, on the other side, electricity flared around the thunder roc. The crackling currents flowed along its body as smaller sparks of fire and electricity flew in every direction. Bolts of golden lightning crashed down within a thousand meters of the thunder roc, electrocuting and scorching everything within sight.

The sight of the lightning storm was so terrifying and intimidating that it almost seemed like the god of thunder had arrived.

Meanwhile, a hint of a transcendent, noble power rippled within the body of the beast tamer. It was almost as if a god had descended onto his body and was coldly examining everything around him.

Fifth Grade.

He had somehow advanced to Fifth Grade and was now a beast tamer with the power of a god!

Dammit! God Summoning.

Greem gave up all thoughts of killing his opponent. Instead, he pivoted his strategy toward kiting, revolving around Fire Teleportation. He flew at high speeds while teleporting, hurling a storm of fire spells at the enemy between each teleportation.

Unfortunately, the divine shield that emerged from the beast tamer’s body blocked all of these attacks. There was nothing Greem could do about this either.

Divine Shield and Divine Shockwave were the most common divine abilities that the gods possessed.

It was a shield formed from divine power, which possessed the powerful ability to defend against all known forms of damage. It rendered a god immune to mental influence, poison, hypnosis, paralysis, concussion, and disease. It could also allow a god to be unaffected by any elementium magic.

From the outside, the divine shield looked like a translucent eggshell.

However, it was this thin barrier that blocked all of Greem’s attacks. Even the Undying Flames’ principle effects could not seep through the shield, let alone the impact of ordinary fire.

However, even with that impenetrable eggshell, the beast tamer still couldn’t catch up with Greem’s dancing silhouette. The profession of beast tamer primarily revolved around summoning beasts to do battle, after all. They had very few offensive or immobilizing divine magics while also lacking the necessary mobility.

Being unable to approach Greem, all of the tamer’s berserk power and unstoppable physical prowess was in vain. He couldn’t harm Greem in the slightest.

In his fury, the beast tamer could only crack his whip over and over, commanding the golden behemoth and the thunder roc to launch a vicious attack against Greem.




Greem’s battle wasn’t the only one raging around Dun Modr.

Five orc powerhouses against five Great Adepts.

Both sides had picked their opponents and were fighting in pairs. They were absolutely ravaging the surroundings of the city and turning everything upside down.

Near the end, both parties fought with all they had; they could no longer care about the damage they were inflicting to the environment.

The first ones to be unable to bear the harsh planar environment were the two Sixth Grade powerhouses.

Great Adept Windstern casually tore apart the planar space and dove headfirst into space. The Sixth Grade orc powerhouse quickly followed with a scowl on his face.

The two of them were no longer restrained in their powers once they were outside the plane’s barrier. They both started fighting with the full might of their Sixth Grade powers. No one knew how the fight between them was going, but they could sense the apocalyptic destruction they were wreaking through the massive rift remaining in the sky.

The waves of aftershocks from their battle blew out from the rift along with numerous spacestorms. Even the Fifth Grades engaged in combat had no choice but to flee from this disaster. Otherwise, if they were caught in one of those storms or aftershocks, their opponents might be able to grasp that opportunity to inflict a grievous wound.

If we were to talk about the most ferocious individual in battle, it would have to be the Fifth Grade sword saint.

After unleashing God Summoning, his power had risen exponentially from peak Fourth Grade to Fifth Grade. His unusually vicious and fearsome sword aura became several times more powerful. His attack range also increased to a shocking extent.

With every slice of his sword, a concentrated pitch-black sword aura that was as sharp as a spatial fragment cleaved through the horizon.

Where the pitch-black sword aura cut across, all substance instantly split into two!

Even the disciplined and immortal forms of the body-refining adepts could not endure such fearsome sword aura, let alone an ordinary elementium shield. The one fighting against the sword saint was Catherine, the only female adept in the group and the only body-refining adept.

Her plump figure bounced around as she flew through the air like a graceful pig. Her large and heavy fists rushed forward in a barrage, the winds generated from her punches rippling through the air and dicing anything caught up in it to pieces.

Every time the sword aura struck, Catherine would raise her head and let out a haunting moan of agony. When the sword aura that could slice everything landed on Catherine, it only let out a dull thud, like metal against leather. Her unique Physique then absorbed the damage.

Meanwhile, the sword saint was drifting between the storm of fists like a leaf, weaving back and forth while stepping from side to side. It was hard to capture his chaotic steps and phantom-like silhouette.

The sword saint’s sword aura and Catherine’s fist winds.

The two of them traded blows in this fashion, creating a tremendous uproar in the air.

At a glance, their attacks didn’t seem all that amazing. It looked just like two children toying around. There was no visible damage to either combatant at all. However, when a streak of wind or a piece of sword aura escaped from their duel, it instantly blasted a hundred-meter-wide crater into the ground or left a thin, thousand-meter-long abyss in the earth.

The two continued moving away as they fought in the air, slowly moving toward the horizon as they devastated everything around them.

On another battlefield, the mouse-headed Adept Poya was also demonstrating his fearsome powers as a Great Adept.

He was like an agile mole that could freely travel through the ground. By relying on the geography, he was able to avoid the beastsoul warrior’s attack. He would then emerge abruptly from the ground and assail his opponent with an endless barrage of stone spears.

The beastsoul warrior had nearly gone berserk from being toyed with. The form of a hundred-meter-tall magical beast appeared behind him. With the enhancement provided by this powerful beast soul, the orc warrior’s every movement gained a hundred times the might of his own power.

The color of the sky itself changed with every punch. The earth was torn apart with every stomp!

However, crushing the surrounding mountains with his strength and ravaging the earth beyond recognition was insufficient to flush out Adept Poya. Instead, the warrior was still being struck by simple stone spears every so often, causing his divine shield to shake and tremble.

In contrast, Bloodline Adept Tuncay appeared to be exceedingly courageous. He had transformed into a giant squid monster and was fighting with the orc shaman.

Orc shamans could be classified as elementium spellcasters. However, given the orc style of combat, they often charged to the frontlines and engaged in melee combat anyway. The totems that the shaman casually cast all around glowed with lights of various colors. Whenever the squid monstrosity accidentally entered the light’s radius, it would be instantly affected by all sorts of binding effects.

Perhaps quicksand traps, or maybe bramblethorn ambushes. Sometimes rumbling ground or anti-gravity fields……every totem seemed to have its own unique and distinct powers that would catch an opponent off-guard.

Apart from these binding and immobilizing effects, there were also many strange elementium effects. Even though the offensive power of these magical attacks was inferior compared to the principle adepts, the hint of divine power contained within them was enough to break through principle defenses and inflict damage to a Great Adept.

The battle between the orcs and the Great Adepts shook the world itself and instilled fear into the hearts of anyone witnessing it.

The adepts invading Plane Gere quickly hid inside Dun Modr and activated a large magical array. They relied on their combined power to endure the aftershocks of the battle.

Some of the lower-grade adepts witnessing an ultra-grade battle for the first time went slack-jawed in awe. It was like watching an unimaginable fantasy. They shivered in fright as they hid within the barrier.

It was the first time they had experienced the horror of ultra-grade creatures!




Greem was secretly scanning the entire battlefield as he fought the beast tamer.

The Chip was collecting the data of every orc fighter and Great Adept!

Judging by the current situation alone, the orcs were holding the absolute initiative. They were practically ruling the entire battlefield. Meanwhile, all the Great Adepts they were fighting were barely breaking even. They were only surviving by avoiding direct exchanges.

The reason for this situation was due to the fact that the orcs were natives.

The peak Fourth Grade orcs were compatible with Plane Gere and could unleash a hundred percent of their power. In addition to the planar consciousness’ blessing and the enhancement from the God Summoning, their combat power after rising to Fifth Grade had increased exponentially.

In comparison, the Great Adepts were in dire straits!

They had just descended on this world and could not break free of the planar suppression on their bodies and souls. Every single one of the Great Adepts was basically fighting against an opponent of the same grade at their prime, while having an arm and a leg tied up. It wasn’t hard to imagine how dangerous and terrifying the situation was for them.

If it weren’t for the fact that all the Great Adepts present today were individuals with tremendous fighting power, casualties would already have occurred!

Naturally, Greem wouldn’t show all his cards under such circumstances.

Due to the planar suppression, he could not transform into his flame giant form. Greem could only continue fighting with the enemy in his weakest human form.

Furthermore, he still had two aces up his sleeves: Fire’s Image and the Devouring Fish transformation. He did not want to reveal any of these aces unless it was absolutely unavoidable.