Chapter 1477 Clash of the Powerful


It was no wonder Greem was so furious. After all, Divine Shields were simply too ridiculous.

They might only consist of a single, thin layer, but they possessed fearsome divine characteristics!

First and most frustratingly, Divine Shields could block any known magical effect and damage.

All abnormal effects such as charm, poison, hypnosis, paralysis, stun, disease, as well as elementium effects such as corrosion, frost, lightning, fire, or even sonic waves were ineffective against a god while the Divine Shield was still active.

Second, while the Divine Shield was still active, the god was also immune to physical effects such as staggering, intimidation, and knockback.

That was why, in Greem’s opinion, the Divine Shield was basically like a watered-down invulnerability spell!

The god could rampage about the battlefield without fear while their Divine Shield was up. They didn’t have to be afraid of being surrounded by the enemy, nor did they have to be concerned about various annoying physical and magical effects.

Even a Great Adept of the same grade would have to avoid a god that could freely move and strike as they wanted to!

Haistoc rushed toward Greem like a storm the moment he activated his Divine Shield. The torrent of glowing divine equipment crashing down from above caused Greem’s usually composed face to twitch uncomfortably.


Greem fled without any hesitation.

He teleported a thousand meters away with Fire Teleportation, then turned back and let loose with another barrage of flames. The enemy roared and chased after him again. Greem could only flee once more, switching to an even further location before he resumed his bombardment.

Greem had engaged opponents in melees in the past, using the flames around him to sear the enemy’s flesh. However, Greem did not dare let this God of Tyranny lay a single finger on his body.

Judging from the force shockwaves earlier, Greem was certain that the base Strength of this God of Tyranny was at least above 50 points. Meanwhile, Greem’s Physique wasn’t even at 40 points. He would almost definitely be smashed to bits if he took even a single hit.

That was why Greem focused only on running. He dared not directly clash with the orc god.

However, just fleeing was pointless. If Greem didn’t go on the offense and exhaust the power of the Divine Shield, then this battle would forever remain one-sided. Only after he shattered the Divine Shield would Greem’s violent fire magic be able to put the orc god on the back foot.

While the two were engaged in a chase, a violent shockwave rippled through the air. Body-Refining Adept Bibi roared and returned after having been knocked away.

“Bastard, you are the one that forced my hand.”

Bibi was furious after having been blown away like that twice in a row. Blood surged through his body, and he grew even larger in size. He waved his battleaxe as layer upon layer of glowing magical light shone around him. He roared and charged at the God of Tyranny.

At this point, he was already five meters tall. He might only be half the opponent’s height, but the overwhelming Strength he now possessed was equal to the god. It was obvious that he had activated some special magical effect.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The multiple pieces of divine equipment crashed down on the double-bit axe like hammers swung onto an anvil. Wave after wave of force shockwaves rippled outward, damaging the entire battlefield. Any living entity or substance that came into contact with these shockwaves was instantly shredded into tiny pieces, disintegrated, and blown away.

The force shockwaves swept up the orcs and wyverns that were too close to the battlefield before they could escape. They immediately exploded into a mess of flesh and blood. Rocks began to fall off of the impenetrable stone fortress as the shockwaves washed against it. The outer walls started to cave in and peel off, one by one.

No one knew what Bibi had enhanced himself with, but he was actually able to match the God of Tyranny’s overwhelming Strength and wasn’t blown away this time. However, as he was inferior in Agility and attack speed, while also having fewer arms and weapons, he was still undoubtedly at a disadvantage.

Still, with the combined force of his and Greem’s attack, they finally shattered the Divine Shield!

The instant the shield broke, the spiritwolf reappeared above the God of Tyranny. He opened his wide maw and snapped at his head.

Haistoc showed no fear even while being attacked by three enemies from every side.

He lifted his feet and stomped the air as if it was the ground itself.

The earth quaked!

The Strength that Haistoc had unleashed at this moment was definitely above 55 points.

His fearsome Strength shook the empty space and created an unusual quaking effect around him, resembling that of an actual earthquake. All elementium, energy, and particles within a thousand meters were blasted outward by sheer force, creating an explosive shockwave.

However, the shockwave didn’t blow away the two Great Adepts around him as the previous ones had. Instead, the adepts were stunned on the spot.

When one’s Strength reached 40 points, they would possess the horrifying might to pulverize a mountain. At 50 points, they could shatter space itself, let alone a body of flesh and blood.

As for 55 points? At Fifth Grade, it was a height that only pure-Strength adepts could hope to attain!

This God of Tyranny was clearly only able to reach such terrifying heights due to the innate Strength of the orcs, the enhancement of his divine power, power aura, and many other abilities.

Haistoc waved his six divine weapons. He prepared to crush the skulls of the two adepts while they were stunned. Just then, one of Greem’s fireballs landed on the God of Tyranny’s body. The Fifth Grade Scorched Earth spell embedded within was also unleashed without hesitation.

One had to admit that only a concentrated high-grade spell like this could threaten a Fifth Grade god in his true form.

Even as powerful as Haistoc was, he could not possibly endure a complete Fifth Grade Scorched Earth divine spell unharmed!


Haistoc raised his head and let out a pained howl. Hundred-meter-long streams of fire shot out of his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and even the pores of his skin. The violent and vicious flames even blew Antuso and Bibi away. Only the God of Tyranny stood there as a human torch. His entire divine body had been scorched black by the fire.

The golden orc god had instantly been turned into a roasted chicken.

Enus, the God of Hatred, had been watching calmly from afar. His expression changed instantly. He let out a battlecry, intent on aiding his comrade. However, the two Great Adepts stationed at the fortress looked at each other and intercepted him in unison.

“Bastard! You injured my divine body! You will pay for this transgression with your life.”

This Fifth Grade divine spell that had once killed a minor Scourge Lord was still quite insufficient for killing an actual god. The God of Tyranny had indeed been wounded in a moment’s carelessness, leaving him in this terrible state. However, this was still within the realm of a minor injury; he wasn’t critically injured yet.

Haistoc was beyond furious after being hit by this unexpected Fifth Grade spell. He gave up on pursuing the two melee adepts and instead charged straight at Greem.

Greem’s body erupted into flames the moment he saw this. He fled toward the distance as a ball of fire.

However, the God of Tyranny arrived before he could complete his Fire Teleportation. He let out a furious cry. The berserk soundwave rumbled through space, instantly disrupting all the elementium within a hundred meters.

Greem’s Fire Teleportation was interrupted, and his body reformed again.

“Die, bastard!”

The God of Tyranny took full advantage of the situation. He swung his arms. The greatsword with the Severing trait and the pickaxe with the Soulstake trait crashed toward Greem.

Greem drew in a breath of cold air. The Tome of Corruption in his hand instantly erected a principle barrier in front of him. Violent fire energy poured out of the Orb of the Fire God and created countless layers of fire shields beneath the principle barrier.

These defenses temporarily stopped the attacks while Greem exploded. He split into four blazing humanoid figures, one large and three small. Each one fled in a different direction.

There was a loud crackling sound as the God of Tyranny smashed through all the defenses and arrived at Greem’s original position. He looked around him, and a cruel smile appeared on his face.


He cried out loud. Haistoc waved his arms wildly, and four pieces of divine equipment of different designs instantly caught up to the four figures like shooting stars. All of them exploded with a loud bang.

Greem stumbled out of the small humanoid figure that had fled southwest. The flesh on his back where the axe had hit him tore open, and a fountain of blood poured forth.

Dammit! This axe possessed the divine trait of Execution!

If Greem’s life force had been less than half his total when he had been hit, he would likely have been killed on the spot. Fortunately, Greem was a long-range fighter. He had not been touched by the enemy even a single time up to now. Thus, his life force had been at its peak.

If that hadn’t been the case……

Even though the Execution effect didn’t occur, the Fifth Grade divine equipment’s violent strike still inflicted untold damage to Greem.

He screamed in agony as he fled further away.

As he escaped, Greem resentfully hurled the last Fifth Grade spell he had at the enemy. The Halo of Rot.

“Brat! Now you know my power! Now, die!” Haistoc was finally able to vent his anger after beating up Greem so severely. He recalled the four divine weapons to his side and prepared to hunt down his opponent.

However, the purple and black halo had already appeared in front of him.

“Haha! Brat, don’t struggle anymore. Just watch me,” Haistoc waved his divine weapon and destroyed the Halo of Rot. However, the color of his face turned instantly. “You bastard! This is Fifth Grade—”

The Fifth Grade acid that had erupted instantly engulfed the god’s divine form!