Chapter 1480 Horr’s Clone


By the time Greem walked out of Great Adept Sarubo’s room, he was 2,700 siths of origin substance lighter than before.

It was important to know that even though Greem led a prominent and rising organization in the World of Adepts and had gone on dangerous missions numerous times during this war, he only had 4,600 siths of origin substance in his possession.

He couldn’t help but feel a little sad at having to part with over half of that sum.

However, compared to the information he had obtained and what he could deduce between the lines, Greem felt it was all worth it.

Greem returned to his room and, just as promised, Sanazar arrived for an audience in the night.

They talked in secrecy inside the room for a moment before Sanazar quickly left.

Another three hundred siths of origin substance were gone from Greem’s purse.

Greem wasn’t in a hurry to return to the Fire Elementium Plane after sending Sanazar away. Instead, he remained in Boulder Fortress to treat his wounds.

The injuries that the God of Tyranny had left him were quite serious.

Even though he had not died after being hit with a weapon imbued with the ‘Execution’ trait, his soul had still endured a terrible divine blow. He was truly injured all over, from his physical form to his soul. Everything hurt, and everything was damaged.

His body’s injuries were easy enough to fix, but mending the wounds to his soul was far more difficult!

For the next six months, Greem practically spent every waking moment bathing in all sorts of healing waters, slowly recovering from the last battle’s injuries.

His injuries had just healed when yet another wave of fighting once again greeted him.




Cloudsea Front. Outside the planar barrier of Altbright Plane.


A blinding light flashed in the depths of space. Greem and five other adepts appeared within a teleportation array.

Greem quickly dispelled the discomfort brought about by the teleportation. He opened his eyes and took a good look at this vast and majestic battlefield before him.

The battlefield this time wasn’t inside a planar world but outside the plane’s barrier.

The teleportation array beneath Greem’s feet was etched upon a large green tile measuring a hundred meters wide and long. Four copper statues of dark dragons loomed on each corner of the array, erecting a semi-translucent barrier that kept the sea of corpses at bay.

Meanwhile, a couple of hundred-meter-tall giants were fighting valiantly at the center of the battlefield, just fifty kilometers away. One was a blue giant, and the other was an orc god. Both combatants pursued each other around the battlefield at unimaginable speeds. With every clash of strength, an avalanche of magic would rush outward around them.

The energy tides that they could unleash with every wave of their hand and every flick of their fingers were horrifying. When Greem looked upon them, the only feedback from the Chip was a blinding red light.

Seventh Grade! The two giants engaging in combat were Seventh Grade!

He could not see a single ally within fifteen kilometers of those two Seventh Grades.

Meanwhile, fifteen kilometers away from them, four Sixth Grades were fighting with each other in pairs. Two adepts, two gods. Judging from the situation, the orc gods were the ones who were winning.

Zooming even further out to twenty kilometers from the main battlefield, one could see the much more populated Fifth Grade battlefield. Great Adepts and orc gods–both in true forms and as their clones–fought with all their might. Their battle cries and shouts could be heard all the way over here. The space around them was torn into chaos, sending chaotic energy rippling in every direction.

Disregarding everything else, the background radiation alone that the Chip’s scans observed was enough to make Greem’s heart tremble with fear.

Even the Fifth Grade battlefield’s energy radiation reached an excess of three to four thousand points of power. An ordinary Fourth Grade adept would have trouble surviving in those conditions, let alone doing battle.

Even Greem, who possessed the Chaos Physique, would have difficulty moving around in such a harsh environment; he would have to be very cautious. Should he slip up and end up being the target of the enemy’s focused fire, his odds of escaping alive from a battlefield like this were very slim.

Zoom! Zoom!

While Greem was assessing the battlefield, three more Great Adepts appeared on another teleportation tile not far away from them. They were Fifth Grades as well.

It seemed like Great Adepts of other regions were gathering here as well. A small war was about to break out!

“Let’s go! Watch your positions later. Don’t be all the way in front,” One of the Great Adepts in the group smiled viciously and rushed forward.

The only acquaintance in Greem’s party this time was Antuso.

The two of them looked at each other and flew out of the teleportation tile without another word. They quickly approached the Fifth Grade battlefield.

“Let’s cooperate a little in the battle later, see if we can get our hands on some spoils!” Antuso had transformed into his spiritwolf form and vanished from sight. His voice rang beside Greem’s ear as a secret transmission.

Greem understood what Antuso was referring to. He also transformed without hesitation into a dozen-meter-tall flame giant.

“Nagus…Hemtam. Heaven’s Fire!”

Greem completed a short incantation and pointed at the god clone closest to himself. Crimson light gathered above the enemy’s head as clouds of fire began to rumble, instantly turning the skies into a hundred-meter sea of fire.

There was a loud crack when the sea of fire reached a climax. A fireball containing wild fire-energy crashed down from within. That was only the start. More and more fireballs crashed down from the skies toward the orc god’s body.

Even the slightest touch would cause the fireballs to detonate into a giant cluster of flames. The wildfire that spread outward burned everything violently.

The opponent that Greem had chosen for himself was obviously just a god clone.

It was a Fifth Grade clone of the Sixth Grade God of the Hunt, Horr.

This clone was a lithe orc with a red face and violet skin. He held a strange spear in his hands while three Fifth Grade divine animal companions crouched around him. One was a fierce mastiff lying at his feet, one was a purple hunting falcon perched on his shoulder, and the last was a fearsome snake coiled around his body.

However, clones were ultimately just clones and not the real thing.

The spear in Horr’s hands and the animal companions around him were all just projections of divine power and not the real things. Otherwise, Greem would never be interested in being involved with a hornet’s nest like this!

The numerous explosive fireballs forced Horr’s clone to dodge constantly, but a part of his body still ended up igniting.

He dispelled the fire principle power in the Undying Flames using his divine power, extinguishing the flames. Horr’s clone was infuriated by this attack. He cast aside his original opponent and leaped straight at Greem.

The spear was the first to arrive!

Several spear images cut across the air and shot toward Greem. The Chip could sense that each one of these attacks’ energy intensity was as high as 7,000 points of power. That intensity did not reach the Fifth Grade standard of 10,000 points, but the attack was fast and continuous.

Trying to damage Greem’s body with these spear images was not likely to succeed. However, they could still shatter the magical defenses around him. As such, Horr’s clone constantly threw out these spear images to force Greem to reposition himself, even as he rapidly approached.

[Beep. The enemy has locked on to Host. Initial estimates suggest the method of locking-on is the opponent’s Tracking divinity. From now on, all attacks fired by the target creature will automatically lock onto Host’s position.]

Greem lifted his head and looked, only to realize that the image of a golden arrow had appeared on his head and was pointing straight at him. No matter how he dodged, no matter where he teleported, this golden arrow remained pointed steadily toward him as if locked in place above his head.

It was probably the unique effect of that Tracking divinity!

How bloody annoying!

Fleeing was pointless now that he was being tracked in this fashion.

Horr’s clone didn’t even have to aim. Even a random attack cast without looking would land unerringly on Greem’s body. The only thing that Greem could do was intercept the enemy’s attacks. Otherwise, he would have to endure the attacks with his own body.

Deng, deng, deng!

He teleported three times and still did not manage to cast aside the tracking arrow. Instead, half of the fire shields around him had been broken. Greem also flew into a rage now. He no longer wasted efforts on dodging. Instead, he summoned fierce fires and traded blows with the clone.

Horr’s clone was very sly. He used his rapid movements to dodge most of Greem’s spell attacks while continuing his assault of spear attacks. At the same time, Horr pursed his lips and whistled. As his whistle rang out, the mastiff and falcon lunged toward Greem from above and below, one black silhouette and one purple.

Meanwhile, the strange snake coiled around Horr’s clone flicked its tongue. It looked at its surroundings with its ghostly green eyes.

It was obvious that though they had not discovered Antuso’s presence, the snake had felt an approaching danger through its bestial instincts.

The mastiff had sharp claws with a terrifying Rend effect. If its attacks landed on an enemy, they would also apply a whole host of other effects, such as Eviscerate and Bleed.

The falcon was like a bolt of purple lightning. It weaved quickly and turned sharply in the air, its movements so smooth and natural that it was hard to catch its actual position. Moreover, it occasionally let out a piercing cry when it attacked. The scream had the unusual effect of confusing and disrupting the enemy.

Even as capable as he was, Greem started to fumble when he had to deal with two such annoying enemies.

If he wanted to get things done, it was inevitable that he would have to pay the price for it!

Greem let out a shout and summoned the Tome of Corruption from within him. He let loose Spirit of Pestilence Remi and had him help fend off the enemy’s attacks. He then finally focused and gathered his principle fire to make a barbecue out of the dog and bird.

Large stretches of golden fire started to spread in every direction, turning an area within a thousand meters into a living hell. Greem stood in the center of the flames, enduring the numerous enemies’ wild attacks as he chased down the damned hound with invisible flames.

Four or five horrible gashes had already appeared on Greem’s body, all thanks to this agile mastiff. In his rage, Greem focused his fire to exterminate this shiny black dog first!