Chapter 1488 Holy Snorlax


Mary couldn’t help but sigh as she watched the divine virtue swim around within the golden light.

“You lucked out, brat! Now come back to life!”

Mary pointed with her slender finger, and the divine virtue instantly entered Snorlax’s soul.

It was almost as if a sun had suddenly been stuffed into his soul. The soul on the brink of death, fragile enough that a breeze probably would have caused it to fade away, suddenly burst out with blinding light.

The tattered soul had been reforged with the divine virtue as its foundation.

Some fragments of the soul that had already scattered even appeared out of thin air, guided by a mysterious force. They merged back with Snorlax’s soul, which now radiated a mysterious aura.

The soul slowly returned to the body’s dead shell, drawn by the attraction between soul and form. Where the golden light shone, the withered body started to fill up and become reinvigorated.

Powerful and intense life force surged through Snorlax’s scrawny and wilted body. His soul radiated a sacred and holy light, purifying his degraded physical form.

The once wrinkled skin turned smooth again and the dark splots vanished, replaced with a healthy glow filled with life and strength. His skin, flesh, tendons, and even blood became almost translucent and let out waves of holy light that inspired worship.

“A holy spirit!” The elven priest, who had been watching with wide open eyes, couldn’t help but gasp.

In the elven tomes she had read in the past, the elven gods would occasionally provide divine blessings to their most devoted followers, turning them into beings with holy power. These individuals that possessed some of a god’s power were called holy spirits!

It was said that only the most devoted of believers, having undergone numerous trials and tribulations, would have the honor of being uplifted into holy spirits. Holy spirits could also represent a god and walk amongst mortals as their avatars. They would spread the teachings of the religion and strengthen the militia of believers.

That was why this scene that the priest was witnessing was no different to her than a god creating a holy spirit.

However, instead of a god, you had the fearsome Bloody Queen. Instead of a hero, you had a measly goblin. This unthinkable scene unfolding before her was turning everything she knew on its head.

The priest quickly shut her eyes. She could hear a loud sound in her mind. It was the sound of her crumbling ideals!

Locke was a knowledgeable and intelligent Third Grade adept.

Even though he did not recognize the golden thread to be divine virtue, he still managed to surmise its true nature from everything that was happening, including the priest’s reaction.

Divine virtue…to think it was divine virtue!

These things did not exist in the World of Adepts. They could only be obtained in the World of Gods.

He had read about divine virtue in books as well. He knew that it could extend lifespans, improve Physique, and strengthen the soul. However, he also knew that the most significant benefit brought about by divine virtue was…deification!

It was said that five points of divine virtue were enough to turn a mortal into a divine being.

The fortunate individual would then possess an undying body and an immortal soul!

They would possess a body as pure and holy as the gods and would no longer be affected by cold, heat, poison, curses, and old age. Moreover, their soul would become resilient enough to endure even Third Grade death magic.

All these benefits, all that power, were brought about by divine virtue.

Locke screamed madly and wildly in his heart at the thought of the mere Second Grade Snorlax being able to enjoy the gift of divine virtue. He put his hand over his heart and kneeled on one knee. It took all he had to stop his body from trembling.

If…if that divine virtue had been bestowed on him instead, how much more powerful he could have become!

Locke kept his head tucked and lowered toward the ground.

In the brief moment where all these thoughts flashed through the minds of Locke and the elf, Snorlax had already begun moving his body and getting up from the luxurious bed.

He looked as if he had returned to his youth. Both his body and his appearance had reverted to the moment in his life where he was the strongest and most handsome; they would remain that way forever.

Snorlax moved his tiny limbs around and felt the explosive power and endless energy within him. He finally raised his head curiously and asked, “Mistress Mary, what is this that you have bestowed on me!? It’s really effective. I…I’ve actually been revived.”

“Hmph!” Mary snorted and said, “If you’re back to life, then get to work on reining those goblins in and make them obedient. Remember, this one point of divine virtue will only allow you to live for a hundred years more at best. Work well for me. If you perform good enough, I will continue to give you more divine virtue.”

“I understand! Snorlax is off to teach those rowdy bastards a lesson,” Snorlax leaped around in excitement. When he raised his head again, Mary had already vanished without a trace.

Upon sensing Mary’s departure, Adept Locke finally stood up. He smiled as he congratulated Snorlax, “Congratulations, Lord Snorlax! To think, you’ve been bestowed with divine virtue. You are destined for greatness now.”

In the past, Locke had always been arrogant and prideful around Snorlax, given his status as a Third Grade adept. However, he was being incredibly humble, so much so that he actively lowered himself.

Snorlax appeared momentarily stunned. He then ran over and grabbed Locke’s hand as he asked in an excited voice, “Lord Locke, you are the most knowledgeable person I know. You must know what divine virtue is. Why don’t…you tell me a little bit. What is divine virtue?”

“Let’s talk while we walk! It’s best for you to show your face quicker. Otherwise, who knows what other kinds of a mess those fools will get up to?” Locke could sense the sacred power radiating from Snorlax’s body even better now that they were close. He felt a strange feeling of suppression around Snorlax, despite being an entire grade higher than him.

Locke couldn’t help but sigh to himself in his mind.

What a waste! How good it would have been if the divine virtue had been given to him instead.

However, this one incident alone allowed Locke to understand the weight with which the two rulers of the Crimson Clan regarded Snorlax in their hearts. It seemed like he would have to get friendly with Snorlax from now on.




Inside an arcane hall.


A lively argument was going on.

Spit and boots flew all over the place, just as words and fists were also exchanged. Every goblin greeted their political rival with their utmost passion and pulled votes for their favored candidates with all they had.

While everyone was arguing loudly and trading blows, an extravagant golden boot adorned with all sorts of jewels flew through the air and smacked the goblin who was sitting in the Chairman’s seat on the forehead.

A loud yelp could be heard as the goblin rolled onto the floor.

He quickly got back on his feet. He picked up the golden boot and shouted, “Who is it? Which bastard was the one that threw this boot!”

“It’s me!” A vaguely familiar voice rang out from the hall.

The goblins who had been tussling together in a brawl stopped their fighting and turned their heads toward the entrance. Two goblins walked through the doors, shoulder to shoulder, clearly intimate acquaintances.

Huh, it was Lord Locke…and…who was the other goblin?

The same question arose in the minds of all the goblins.

The young goblins might never have seen Snorlax in his youth, but there were some old goblins here as well. They let out a gasp in unison and pointed trembling fingers at the ‘handsome’ goblin youth as if they had just seen a ghost. Their mouths were wide agape, but only broken gasps escaped their lips.

“Snorlax…it’s Lord Snorlax!”

Finally, one of the old goblins shouted out loud.

It was almost as if a chilling breeze blew across the hall. All the goblins froze on the spot.

Snorlax led Locke through the crowd by the arm as he walked toward the Chairman’s seat with a cold smile on his face. All the goblins in his way felt a sinister and threatening aura pressing toward them. They found themselves involuntarily making way for him.

Snorlax kicked aside the merchant leader stunned in front of his seat and sat down. He looked toward the shocked goblins and explained coldly, “By virtue of Lady Mary, I have been revived! From now on, this seat is still mine, and my word is still the final word. Anyone who has an opinion can step forward now.”

Third Grade Adept Locke stood by the seat. He tapped his staff against the ground, and an invisible shockwave washed across the goblins. It was then that the goblins finally managed to digest this unbelievable news. They hastily returned to their own seats, as obedient and honest as students that had just been disciplined.

The merchant leader that got kicked aside crawled before Snorlax like a maggot. He lifted the golden boot above his head respectfully, trembling as he did so.

The Goblin Salvation Society believers hurriedly rushed forward and crouched before Snorlax, shouting slogans such as ‘Miracle!’ and ‘All hail Snorlax!’

The atmosphere in the room turned around instantly!


No one really quite cared about the whole commotion among the goblins.

However, news of the divine virtue spread like a plague.

In just an hour, the entirety of the Crimson Clan’s higher-ups had heard of this ‘hilarious’ incident. Within the day, almost every Fourth Grade adept in the Central Lands had also received word of this shocking news.

The capricious vampire adept, Bloody Queen Lord Mary, had been extravagant enough to use divine virtue to save a Second Grade goblin.

In all honesty, the first word that every Fourth Grade adept uttered when they heard this was ‘damn,’ and their first reaction was to assume she had gone insane!

However, even more adepts were more curious about how much divine virtue Lady Mary had in her possession.

Perhaps…it was possible, just maybe…that they could also trade for it!

With this idea in mind, numerous messengers from the various clans gathered in Crimson Wing once more.