Chapter 1500 Battlefield Harvest


The Beast God’s rage erupted and quickly swept over hundreds of other planeworlds. The war between the hundreds of ultra-grade adepts and the orc gods rapidly approached a climax.

Ever since the human adepts showed signs of invading Plane Saka, the orc pantheon’s retaliation had become increasingly violent and intense.

Moreover, the orc gods showed up to battle in their true forms with increasing frequency, often appearing in groups of three or four. Correspondingly, the Great Adepts of Boulder Fortress were being deployed more often.

The battle between the adepts and orcs raged on without end in the numerous galaxies and different planeworlds. It seemed almost as if the fires of war would spread indefinitely.

Naturally, the Sixth and Seventh Grade Great Adepts dealt with the true forms of the gods. Fifth Grade Great Adepts like Greem could only deal with clones or projections. Of course, occasionally, they would also cross swords with some of the powerful orc petitioners.

In these frequent battles, Greem’s recent improvements in his power allowed him to obtain plenty of spoils. No one knew when it started, but soon the name of the Great Crimson Adept spread throughout Boulder Fortress.

At the very least, the name of the Crimson was well-known among the Fifth Grade Great Adepts.

Many Great Adepts were willing to work with him during missions, as collaborating with him often meant obtaining unexpected benefits.

After all, all of the Great Crimson Adept’s abilities were related to battle and slaughter. Each of them was incredibly powerful. Furthermore, he possessed the ability to transform into a magical fish that could devour a defeated god clone alive.

This ability guaranteed their ability to maximize their profits!

In just a single year, Greem had been deployed five times, during which he devoured two god clones and a projection, yielding himself three divine authority fragments in total.

Such achievements were incredibly eye-catching, even in Boulder Fortress, where there were upwards of a hundred Great Adepts.

However, his achievements in battle undoubtedly also put him on the orc pantheon’s hit list.

Greem faced more and more danger when stepping onto a battlefield!




“Greem, come! I’ve got a got mission here!”

Greem was resting in his room when he received a magical transmission. The sender was Bloodline Adept Antuso, who he had worked with several times now.

“Oh, what kind of mission is it?”

“The orcs have sent out three gods, seven clones, and a dozen Fifth Grade petitioners; they are currently holding a siege of Blackmountain Plane. The defenders have already requested reinforcements from headquarters, but they are still somewhat lacking in power. A second wave of reinforcements has been requested…just in time for us to go there for a hunt!”

“Who are the three orc gods?” Ever since he was targeted by God of Slaughter Garon last time, Greem had become increasingly sensitive to this issue.

“The Sixth Grade is the One-Eyed God Arges, and the two Fifth Grades are familiar faces: God of Tyranny Haistoc and God of the Hunt Horr,” Antuso appeared to be quite eager on the other end of the line.

After all, the first divine authority fragment he had obtained came from Horr’s clone. It was only natural that he wanted to tear off an even bigger piece of meat from the god now that he heard Horr was on the move.

The One-Eyed God Arges. Greem thought for a moment and was finally convinced.

As long as it wasn’t someone terrifying like the God of Slaughter, Greem was confident he could deal with any of the other gods.

Arges was not an orc, but a cyclops that worshipped Arugel. Due to his tremendous power and surprising combat ability, Arugel promoted him to a vassal god, making Arges the infamous Sixth Grade One-Eyed God.

Arges’ most powerful ability was his long-range earth divine power bombardment. He was one of the few long-range fighters within the orc pantheon. However, due to his tall size and bulky build, his movements were slow and clumsy.

Obviously, Greem wasn’t afraid of an enemy like that!

After receiving the transmission, Greem left the room and headed straight to the station hall, where he grouped up with Antuso and the newly recruited Great Adept Rossellini.

Rossellini was a golem master. He had assimilated a mysterious space substance with his will, thereby granting him the unusual talent to manipulate astral constructs. Much like Greem’s starbeast bloodline, space was his most powerful domain.

He could unleash two hundred percent of his power in space!

Greem, Antuso, and Rossellini had worked together numerous times now. They worked well together, and their abilities were complementary. It allowed them to hunt down their enemies several times successfully.

“Let’s go. The reinforcement has been approved. We are setting off now!” Antuso was not the strongest Great Adept, but he had an extraordinary network across Boulder Fortress. Communications with the superiors were all left to him.

Greem greeted Rossellini, a scrawny man with strange purple skin, and the three of them instantly traveled to Blackmountain Plane through the teleportation array.

They could feel the overwhelming energy radiation press against their faces the moment they stepped out of the array.

The three of them stood in space, outside the planar barrier, defending against the magical tide around them as they gazed at the terrible battlefield below.

Several dozen muscular orcs were rampaging throughout the battlefield like wild boars, clad in divine power. Meanwhile, the human adepts gathered in groups, dodging attacks while assaulting the enemy’s divine power defenses with their colorful spells.

Meanwhile, a hundred-meter-tall combatant stood at the very heart of the battlefield, like a pillar propping up the sky itself. He was tall and muscular, his body consisting of muscles as hard as stone. He had three fingers on each hand and a lone, fearsome eye on his head.

A cyclops that had become a Sixth Grade mid-ranked god!

His method of attack was straightforward as well. He would create several boulders as large as entire mountains between his palms and hurl them at the enemy. The moment the boulders landed, they would explode into countless tiny rock shards, enveloping everything within a thousand meters into its attack radius.

Greem could scan everything clearly with the Chip in his mind. The intensity of this attack reached upward of 40,000 at the center and a speechless 13,000 in the periphery.

As expected of a veteran Sixth Grade god. Even a casual area-of-effect attack was 8,000 points of power stronger than Greem’s Berserk Eye, which was a product of heavy accumulation and compression.

The difference in their power couldn’t be more obvious!

The individual fighting against One-Eyed God Arges on the adepts’ side was a bloodline adept. He transformed into a gigantic abyssal demon lord and circled the cyclops god with his ten-meter-tall body.

Every time the cyclops threw a boulder, the abyssal demon lord would step across the air without hesitation and charge in for a bout of melee. Once the cyclops began creating another boulder, he would slip away again in a constant cycle of harassment.

Both of them were shockingly powerful, but judging from the situation, the One-Eyed God was still the stronger of the two. He often used his exploding boulders to knock the demon lord around.

As Sixth Grades, their every action would result in devastating aftershocks and impacts on their surroundings.

The One-Eyed God would suddenly switch targets every so often as well, hurling boulders at the groups of adepts close to the battlefield. The Sixth Grade adept that had transformed into an abyssal demon lord would also occasionally use Demon Teleportation to assault the Fifth Grade orc gods nearby.

Every time that happened, it would be a test of a combatant’s luck and ability!

It didn’t matter if it was the orcs or the adepts. If either of them were unable to dodge the attacks of the Sixth Grade, they could easily find themselves in a precarious position on the brink of death. If one were to get injured during such an intense battle, it would be exceedingly difficult to escape whole.

There were many times that the death of a Great Adept or a god clone became unavoidable!

For the sake of self-preservation, the Fifth Grade combatants would inadvertently choose to distance themselves from the Sixth Grade battle. It might make them safer, but if they ended up at a disadvantage in a fight, it would also be more difficult for them to receive reinforcements from their superiors.

The adepts’ Spirit and the gods’ divine will wove together on the massive battlefield, clashing and battling. Their attention spanned every inch of space in this area.

Naturally, the arrival of Greem and his two companions drew the attention and alarm of both parties!

Horr, the God of the Hunt, was fighting in his true form. A deep-seated hatred could be seen in his savage eyes when he saw Greem. He let out a roar, casting aside the enemy before him to charge at the three newcomers.

He might have been demoted from Sixth Grade to Fifth Grade, but his overwhelming divine power was still far beyond that of an ordinary Fifth Grade. With his exceptional technique and a better understanding of high-grade divine power, he had nothing to fear when fighting against numerous enemies.

Moreover, this was his true form.

The weapons he carried were all genuine divine items and not just projections of the artifacts. Furthermore, the numerous divine creatures he commanded were also fighting in their true forms. They weren’t just projections of divine power anymore.

It was out of this confidence that Horr was so relentless and ferocious in the face of three adepts of the same grade.

Still, for the sake of safety, another Fifth Grade clone of a god and two Fifth Grade petitioners split off from the distant battlefield and hurried over. In doing so, the pressure on the adepts over there greatly diminished.