Chapter 1502 Hunting Mark and Tracking Arrow


Battles at the level of gods were always horrifying!

A new battlefield had started outside the planar barrier of Blackmountain Plane.

The only ones who were qualified to join this battle were individuals of Fifth Grade and above. Otherwise, just the shockwaves radiating from the center of the battlefield would be enough to kill you.

Greem and his three fire clones transformed into dozen-meter-tall flame giants, repeatedly attacking Horr with waves of fire and powerful spells.

However, God of the Hunt Horr was truly a veteran god. Divine light glowed from his body as it flickered through space. He left a series of afterimages and illusions behind, making it impossible to determine his actual position.

Due to the Collar of the Deceiver, Greem’s Spirit couldn’t lock onto his opponent at all. Greem could only use area-of-effect fire spells to wear away at the divine power around the opponent slowly. Even when an occasional spell managed to find its mark, it often accomplished nothing due to Horr’s exceptional dodge rate.

In contrast, it was Greem’s flame barrier that cracked from Horr’s bow and arrows, crumbling into a shower of sparks.

Greem was infuriated. He let out a furious cry, “You aren’t the only one with divine equipment!”

The next moment, the Tome of Corruption appeared in his right hand, rustling loudly as its pages flipped.

When the flipping pages finally came to a stop, a spell model formed out of complicated runes projected into the air. The model quickly lit up, turning into a savage fire spell that flew straight at Horr.

On the other side, the three fire clones had sneakily merged into one. Two beams of fire abruptly shot out of their eyes and swept across the sky. Even with Horr’s high Agility and dodge rate, it was tough to dodge these beams, which sliced across an immense distance.


The beams of fire swept across space. Horr weaved between the flames with his singular Agility, doing his best to avoid the attack of the fire clones.

“Chip, can you track Horr’s actual body? If it’s impossible to lock on to him, we won’t be able to unleash our most powerful spells,” Greem quickly gave out his orders.

[Beep. Full-spectrum elementium scan has begun. Effects of a unique divine principle detected. Unable to lock onto the target.

[Switching to principle scans.

[Beep. Tracking unique divine principle trail. Currently constructing dynamic tracking system.]

After a series of notifications from the Chip, strange changes began to occur to Greem’s vision. Large patches of elementium and principle traces were presented within his sight in the form of different colors.

Trails remained every place Horr had been!

It was especially the case in the vast space of the galaxy. It wasn’t just empty nothingness in the background of space; the whole universe was filled with undulating magical tides.

When so many transcendent beings fought and moved in this area, their every action split apart the magical tides, causing ripples to roll out in every direction. And when they unleashed their power, waves of magic would rise.

It didn’t matter how well they concealed themselves or how well they deceived the enemy’s senses. The background of magic exposed their location.

For the first time, Greem was able to lock on to Horr’s approximate position as the god continued to weave and dodge the stone spears and Ray of Ignition.

It was only an approximate lock-on rather than a complete one because Horr’s body itself was cloaked in blinding divine light. It was impossible to look at his form directly. All that one could make out was a blurry, radiant figure.

That…was the unusual divine characteristic of the Collar of the Deceiver!

Greem took full advantage of his allies’ attacks forcing Horr to scramble and struck without any hesitation. Greem threw the recently completed Fiery Refraction forward as a ball of golden light.

It was a fire spell that possessed the ability to track its opponent.

The ball of golden fire chased after Horr’s flickering body, leaving behind an eye-catching trail of fire in space. The Ray of Ignition from the fire clone also swept over and cut off the god’s path of escape.

Horr finally had nowhere to run.

Horr let out a grunt in the face of this overwhelming tide of attacks. He finally unleashed his Divine Shield.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


The rain of attacks, along with the mysterious Ray of Ignition, clashed against the Divine Shield. However, they only caused a shower of sparks without harming Horr in the slightest.

Horr also unleashed a ferocious wave of retaliation while the Divine Shield protected him.

Divine Shockwave!

Energy Blast!

Two incredibly savage divine spells instantly engulfed the ten-armed giant and the fire clone, drowning them in ferocious divine power.

Even with the ten-armed giant’s defense, it had no choice but to turtle up and erect an earth elementium wall around itself. The fire clone quickly fled from the battlefield, leaping a thousand meters away with Fire Teleportation.

Horr clearly had no interest in these two lesser opponents. After forcing them away with his attack, he charged before Greem with a few nimble leaps.

He raised his ancient Sixth Grade longbow above his head and smashed it down toward Greem’s head like a melee weapon. Meanwhile, his right hand swept past his waist, and a half-meter long dagger stabbed toward Greem’s chest at an incredibly tricky angle.

Horr was the famous God of the Hunt. Apart from his accurate marksmanship, his melee combat skills were also at the level of the gods.

Greem was a classic spellcaster. Even though his Physique and Strength were quite impressive for his class, he couldn’t compare to these ‘standard’ warrior classes. The moment Horr closed in on him, he merged with the space around him without hesitation. He fled away rapidly through the loose principle system of space.

“Hmph! You dare use such a crude principle technique,” A cruel and vicious smile appeared on Horr’s ugly face. He shouted out loud, “In my name, manifest principle!”

As he shouted, the formless principle power suddenly appeared in space. A strange ball of light attached to the principle system and moving through it was also exposed.

Greem had already suffered once to an opponent in a similar fashion; he was on high alert. The moment he realized something was wrong, he instantly detached himself from the principle system. He just barely managed to avoid getting caught in the principle shockwave that followed.

This short exchange allowed Greem to flee no more than a hundred meters.

“Bastard! All these high-grade enemies seem to be very proficient with principle techniques. Is this ability that I only managed to decipher after so much effort going to be completely useless?” Greem complained as he reformed his body. He opened his mouth and let out a breath of invisible flames at Horr.

The invisible flames burned the Divine Shield, rapidly exhausting its divine power. In just three seconds, he had managed to thin out the Divine Shield, causing it to become increasingly fragile.

However, those three seconds were already enough for Horr to unleash a barrage of over a dozen attacks at him.

Greem’s body of flames was shredded into pieces and exploded into sparks.

“No. This isn’t the adept’s actual body!” With his powerful divine will, Horr was soon able to realize something was wrong. He turned around to see Greem standing a thousand meters away, where the fire clone had been.


Horr couldn’t help but start cursing.

One had to admit that adepts of Fifth Grade and above were no easy opponents at all. Every adept had an expertise in which they excelled. They possessed unimaginable techniques and abilities within that domain.

Even as powerful as Horr was, it wasn’t so simple to deal with a Fifth Grade Great Adept in a duel!

However, as the God of the Hunt, this couldn’t possibly be the limit of Horr’s powers.

He let out another shout. He pulled the divine longbow in his hands into a full moon. A glowing golden arrow instantly appeared out of thin air and fitted itself onto the bowstring.

At the same time, a strange divine rune appeared silently on Greem’s head and stayed there.

“Dammit! Hunting Mark!” Greem had already suffered from this ability the last time he fought Horr’s clone.

Once the Hunting Mark had locked on, all of Horr’s arrows would contain the ability to track his target. It didn’t matter where Greem fled. He would never be able to escape the arrows.

The only means of defending himself was to blast away the arrows themselves!

However, with the speed of the arrows and the time it took to cast his spells, accomplishing this was no easy feat.

There was still that ten-armed giant here.

Greem gave the order in his mind, and the ten-armed giant slowly stepped across space and approached Horr. As the giant marched forward, it unleashed a rain of stone spears to limit the potential paths of attack for the arrow.

A blinding golden spot of light flickered through space, seemingly trying to find a weakness in the ten-armed giant’s defense. The hail of stone spears erupted, but not a single piece of shrapnel could hit the spot of light. It seemed to swim about freely like a fish in water.

Given Horr’s ability, this tracking arrow wasn’t so easily neutralized!

Horr stood straight on the spot, the longbow in his hand trembling without stopping. He finally paused after he fired eighteen tracking arrows.

Eighteen howling spots of light instantly appeared in space. They swarmed toward Greem’s body like a strange nest of hornets.


Even Greem couldn’t help but draw in a breath of cold air at the sight of such a ferocious attack.

These were all tracking arrows! Even if he were to teleport away, they would chase after him forever!

It was only then that Greem felt a tinge of regret. He should have deciphered and analyzed a powerful area-of-effect spell. It would have saved him from this horrible situation.

It seemed like he had to use that!

Greem had nowhere to run. He could only curl up, grit his teeth, and endure this wave of attacks.

The eighteen tracking arrows howled, weaving their way past the ten-armed giant’s storm of stone spears and striking at Greem’s body.

The next second, the spot where Greem had been standing was devoured by a storm of exploding divine power.