Chapter 1506 The Primordial Kindling


Looking at Erlenwald was like looking upon a perfect world!

This strange sensation was not something that one could understand unless you experienced it for yourself.

The mental consciousness of the Great Adept was as noble and vast as a planar consciousness itself. It gave rise to a strange sense of majesty, vastness, and awe that one would feel when facing the boundless sea. It was almost as if what Greem currently faced was not a person or a singular individual, but a perfect new world complete with a self-contained system.

Greem lowered his head.

It wasn’t out of force from Erlenwald’s spiritual pressure, nor was Greem forcing himself to express respect. It was simply because of the genuine respect and admiration he was feeling.

It was just like when he had first come into contact with the origin consciousness of the World of Adepts!

That feeling of belonging and warmth that reminded him of the womb was something he could still remember clearly even now.

The adept before him radiated a powerful life aura. It wasn’t as vast or deep as a real planeworld, but the sense of nobility and majesty was the same.

Self-contained principles, a complete world, a cycle of life, endless and eternal.

Greem bowed his head down seriously and sincerely.

“Kid, we meet again!” The adept didn’t open his mouth to speak, but his commanding voice echoed in Greem’s mind.

It was indeed not the first time the two of them had met.

The last time they had met would be back when Greem was executing his mission in the Arcane Empire. Someone from among the adepts had unexpectedly sabotaged them on their way back; they almost died during the teleportation. If it hadn’t been for Great Adept Erlenwald’s aid then, Greem would probably not be here now.

That was why Greem hastily replied in a respectful fashion, “Greem expresses his regret for not having thanked my lord for his help last time.”

“Hmph! There’s nothing to thank me for. I just don’t like it when certain people’s arms get too long and reach into my territory!” The Great Adept grunted and said, “Who would’ve expected you to be so incredibly lucky. To think you would have been able to survive despite that bitch Maysa’s grudge against you? And you were even able to stumble into such fortune.”

Greem didn’t know what to say in reply. He could only bow and listen respectfully to what the adept had to say.

“Alright, there’s no need for any riddles. You should know why I called you over, right?”

“For those divine authority fragments?” Greem asked probingly.

“Hmph! As long as you know!” Erlenwled chuckled and said. “We’ve fought those orc brats for so long, and I still don’t have enough fragments to make Seventh Grade magical equipment. That’s a horrible feeling, I’m telling you.”

Since he was already being so direct, Greem didn’t have much room to wiggle around. He could only smile and ask, “May I know how many divine authority fragments my lord requires?”

“Ten fragments!”

Ten fragments were equivalent to an entire divine authority.

If a treasure like this were given to the stupidest and most useless individual in the world, they would still be able to ascend and become a true god. The significance was so immense that Greem, despite his intelligence and decisiveness, couldn’t help but hesitate.

“Hmph! Kid, do you think that I, as a Seventh Grade Great Adept, would just take your treasures for nothing?” Erlenwald seemed to have seen through Greem’s hesitation. He laughed coldly and said, “Us adepts have always paraded the principle of equivalent exchange. Naturally, I won’t break custom either. Take a look.”

He waved his hand, and three one-meter-wide bubbles suddenly appeared in front of Greem. Each of them carried a prismatic treasure as they hovered in the air.

“This is some of my collection; they should fit your needs. Simply pick one for our exchange!”

Greem’s heart trembled when he heard Erlenwald’s words.

The collection of a Seventh Grade Great Adept. Any of these things would be invaluable treasures!

He rubbed his eyes and commenced scanning each and every one of them.

What floated inside the first bubble was a strange metal the size of a fist. It glowed a ghostly-purple shade, and the aura it gave off was very mysterious.

Perhaps sensing Greem’s line of sight, Erlenwald spoke up.

“This is a piece of Starfallen Godmetal! Its name might sound vulgar, but it is quite powerful indeed. It is a material that can only be obtained after extracting and refining an entire continent. If used to refine the flesh, it can improve a body-refining adept’s immortal body by two entire levels immediately. As for a…principle adept like you, regardless of how terrible our Physique is, it will instantly be increased to 50 points!”

Fifty points of Physique…wouldn’t that make him reach the level of a Fifth Grade body-refining adept?

Compared to his current 35 points, it was a ridiculous improvement!

However, Erlenwald wasn’t finished yet.

“Moreover, after completing the refinement of your Physique with this godmetal, you will be immune to all negative effects. All debuffing curse or magic will be ineffective against you!”


Greem drew in a breath of cold air. His eyes betrayed an unconcealable desire when he looked at the metal again.

He was a principle adept, and Spirit was the most important attribute for him. However, he did have the starbeast bloodline. If he could boost his Physique tremendously, the Devouring Fish Transformation could be used as an everyday means of combat in the future!

Greem couldn’t help but fantasize about the possibilities, but making a hasty decision was unwise. With great determination, he turned his head to the second bubble.

A black liquid floated within it. It looked like a strange liquid monster struggling and twisting.

Greem couldn’t obtain any discernable or useful information no matter how the Chip scanned or analyzed. It was evidence that this was a high-grade resource that Fifth Grade Great Adepts should not have been able to come into contact with.

“This is the Essence of Destruction. I extracted it from the true form of an orc god. It contains a large amount of divine virtue of Destruction and a portion of the divinity of Destruction. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to obtain unique powers related to Destruction after using it to refine your Spirit.”


Greem lowered his head and thought for a moment.

Given the fundamental principles of the World of Gods, the fire principles were indeed under the domain of Destruction. They were a branch of Destruction. If the Chip could thoroughly analyze the Essence of Destruction, it would significantly improve his flames’ might.

Out of curiosity, Greem forced himself to look at the third bubble.

A strange fire the size of a finger floated within it. Moreover, the fire’s color and the attribute it radiated shifted and morphed as it flickered.

“This is the Primordial Kindling, an unusual principle fire. It contains all the fundamental fire principles required to forge a world of fire. It is an absolutely necessary item for a principle fire adept to continue advancing upward!” Erlenwald said calmly.

“I want it!” Greem made his decision without hesitation.

As a fire adept and a principle adept, a top-class resource that could directly impact his future growth was imperative.

As for the other two items? Greem had no choice but to forcibly forget about them.

The universe was a vast place, and there were all sorts of rare treasures out there. As long as Greem could grow sufficiently, he would be able to travel anywhere he liked and find any treasure he desired.

Greed was not advisable!

It was best to put in more effort and investment into his talent for fire, as that would directly impact his future.

Erlenwald didn’t seem surprised by Greem’s choice at all. He waved his hand and put away the other two bubbles while the Primordial Kindling slowly drifted to Greem.

It remained wrapped in the bubble.

Greem understood Erlenwald’s meaning. He gritted his teeth and took out a piece of crystalline divine authority which he pushed toward the Seventh Grade adept.

Erlenwald waved his hand, and the divine authority flew into his palm.

Great Adept Erlenwald toyed with the divine authority for a while and examined its attributes. After confirming its authenticity, he pointed with his finger, and the bubble in front of Greem popped.

The Primordial Kindling immediately erupted when it came into contact with the outside world. The fire energy it absorbed stacked around it layer by layer like armor, making it appear as if it would spread all over in a matter of seconds.

Greem knew that high-grade principle fires like these had a trace of intelligence and their own will. They would slip away from your fingers if they find the chance.

Greem opened his hand and snatched the Primordial Kindling from the raging flames before swallowing it in a single gulp. He couldn’t be bothered by the effects of the strange fire.

He couldn’t feel safe having such a tremendous treasure anywhere else than in his Heart of Principles, guarded by the Orb of the Fire God!

“Alright, kid. Now that our trade is over, I’ll send you on your way! As a reward for your tactfulness, here’s my magical emblem. Keep it well. I can cover for you, whether it is in Boulder Fortress or at Camp Exodar. No one will dare bully or threaten you then!”

Greem grabbed onto the metal plate that Erlenwald had tossed at him. He couldn’t help but break into a smile when he sensed the special magic aura on it.

“My gratitude, my lord!”

“This is nothing. It’s only the reward you deserve!”

Having said that, Erlenwald waved his hand, and Greem felt the same spatial disorientation as before. When he snapped back to his senses, he realized he was back in his room.

“Chip, scan the Primordial Kindling.”

[Beep. Comprehensive scans have begun. Please wait!]

After a long and arduous wait, the Chip’s results were finally projected after three days.

[Beep. Detected strange principle kindling.

[53 basic fire principles detected within.

[37 of said principles are known, while 16 are yet unknown.

[Currently extracting samples of unknown fire principles.]

So many of them.

Greem couldn’t help but lick his lips in anticipation upon hearing the Chip’s report!